North Kitsap Metal Recycling, LLC

7990 NE ECOLOGY ROAD KINGSTON WA 98346 (corner of Hansville Rd & Ecology Rd)



North Kitsap Metal Recycling, LLC accepts ferrous (steel) and nonferrous (copper, brass, aluminum) metals for FREE!   Other facilities charge $20.00 to drop off washers, dryers, stoves, and water tanks, but it’s FREE at NKMR!  We do charge $15 for refrigerators and anything with freon in it.

We are a Washington State E-Cycle Collector!  Free drop off for your tv’s, monitors, computers and laptops!

We now have a Saturday Buying Program for nonferrous metals and computer components!  See our Saturday Buying Program & Legal Information pages for details.

Here are some of the items we accept for our free metal drop off, every day except Tuesday.  Please call first if you have any questions about an item.  360-710-9069

Tv’s, monitors, computer towers, computer battery back-ups, laptops, circuit boards, stereos & amps, VCR/DVD players, gaming systems & controllers, satellite dishes & receivers, battery chargers, battery power tools, cell phones & chargers, electrical wire, power inverters.  (Check our Saturday Buying Program to see what computer components we pay for)

Nonferrous Metals: Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel. (See our Saturday Buying Program)

Appliances: Washers, dryers, stoves, stainless steel dishwashers (not  plastic), microwaves, hot water heaters.  **Front Load Washers have concrete in them, we charge $15 each for removal of concrete.  We now accept Refrigerators & Freezers, $15 each.

Farm & Garden: Wheel barrows, fencing (no grass or mud & flattened), lawn furniture, farm equipment, riding lawn mowers (oil & gas drained, tires cut off), push lawn mowers (oil & gas drained).

General: Cast iron, BBQ’s (no charcoal or lava rock), exercise equipment, pots & pans, bikes, auto batteries, electric & gas heaters, baseboard heaters, wood stoves, shell casings, helium tanks, filing cabinets, bed frames.

Auto Body Parts: All body parts MUST have a VIN#.

Tools & Shop: Battery power tools, 110 power tools, industrial tools,  nuts, bolts & nails, ladders, chippers, power washers, trailers (with title and no tires), steel cable (cut in 3′ lengths only), welders.

Motors: Boat motors, electric motors, generators, gas & diesel engines (no oil, oil plugs, or pans).

Batteries: We buy auto/marine and motorcycle/l&g batteries every day except Tuesday.  $4.50 each auto battery.

PLEASE NOTE that Kitsap County Health Department will NOT let us accept any engines with oil or oil plugs in them. We have to check, so if you have oil, drain it at home, please.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  We also cannot take tires, dishwashers(unless stainless steel), copiers, printers, scanners, or plastic vacuums.  We take a lot of items as you can see above, but we have some restrictions on what we accept.  Please focus on the items we do accept. We appreciate it.

North Kitsap Metal Recycling, LLC welcomes you. You can call or email us anytime to ask questions about metal recycling.


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